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What exactly is It is Horrible?

That's actually a really good question. It's a sort of commitment for me to actually do a comic and complete it (although I would really love to do Hor forever), and it's also a love letter to 12 oz mouse, which is referenced to frequently. At the time when Hor came out, there were no fansites, except Corndog Central, which has actually went down prior to the release, and I heard about it long after it died. Thankfully, there's the Wayback Archive. Those guys are awesome. That's the metaphorical part of it. I've actually made a massive piece of crap for... um. I forgot where I was going with this, actually. There is an alt text which I wrote for one strip (which was too long for one reader to read, so I actually messaged the entire contents to him) which sort of explains it.

Plotwise, it's something that is both clear as day and really hard to understand; there's this squirrel and he has a friend, which is the 4 dimensional object from Fez indexed to 12 or 16 colours, and they just goof around and drink beer together. What happens to him is not planned out, but it's developed quickly, and only sometimes do I use a script before drawing it, and I see if I can make it fit all together. I'm not trying to make the comic be humorous, but I'm trying to tell a story. It just started off being a series of crappy jokes held together by crap, and I actually don't like the earlier strips. Why? It's the mouths. That was a terrible idea. So, to be frank, nobody really knows what it's about and I just make things up as I go.

There's a ton of characters, too. Off the top of my head, I can name "The Man", Matt, Pig, Cube, Tongo, Bacon, Ben, Mortis, Sphere (who has yet to appear at the time of writing outside of the wallpapers, and probably won't for a while), and that's about it. I'm planning on having the Origami Killer be a real thing along with another piggy. Some readers might actually know what I'm referencing, it's a work I made from a few years ago. If people want, I can develop a story for pretty much any background character that's appeared, and I think I'm at 20 or so. The guy who gave the locket, the first two guys in the strips with whom Matt was speaking to, that massive crowd scene. Yeah. I got lots of materials. I developed a few characters prior to making the strip, namely Pig, Cube, Matt, Judge, and Ben (who only appears in a flash on the 26th comic). Those were the original designs; Ben was meant to be Tongo, but he looked too much like Rhoda, so I quickly made something for Tongo. There's also a robot thing that I have that never came to light. I don't know what's going to happen to it.

The thing about the writing process is that it's instantaneous, and I have to enjoy doing it, or else it will become one dimensional and really boring. None of the characters act in the same way, they all have motives. For example, Matt wants to relax back with a nice bottle of beer. But he's in this crazy miner town where alcohol is abundant, but he needs a job. I don't know exactly why, but okay. I can work with that. I can not explain Cube in any way that doesn't spoil pretty much the entire plot (hell, I'm spoiling it right now), but his motives are the same as Matt. The Trial, which consists of "The Man", Ben, and Judge, have a motive that is absurd (remember, spoiler rule is in effect) and that motive is why Pig does what he does. Of course, Pig has two personalities, a crazy one, and a... crazy one. One's fun crazy, the other is ax crazy. Rumours say he has a ton of knives in his desk. I won't either confirm nor deny it, but I'm probably not going to play with that. Bacon works for Pig, but he just wants to be rich and powerful, and he is a corrupt little piggy. So there's this mess where everyone strives to achieve their own goals. Now I want to see what happens.


Who exactly works on Hor?

Just me. There's no money coming in or out, and I don't mind that. I might set up a PayPal, get $10, and call it a successful year. There's pretty much nothing happening here, and I can live with that. I'm looking at the stats right now for Hor, and it is not profitable at all. I average 5 to 8 unique visitors daily, occasionally going up to 40 if I advertise right on some forums, but nobody really sticks around. Just as well. It won't kill me, and it won't kill them.


Why the transcripts and the alt text?

I don't owe the readers anything, but I just decided to make it easy to find my comic in case you're looking for a specific line or something (sort of how ozmo has pretty much every piece of dialogue up on WikiQuotes), and the alt text is just me screwing around with the strip. I can do tons of commentary on a specific strip, but it's hard for it to not be a mix of random rambling.


There's animation in a strip, what does it mean?

It's a secret to everybody. In reality, it's a quick flash to the past, where it's just as relevant, or an image burnt into their heads, or everybody becoming absolutely insane. I might do these fabled "fifth panel" strips again, but it's in a GIF while the rest of the comic is a JPEG. If a person checks it out carefully, they'll notice, no matter how well I hide. And Photoshop doesn't want to export Animated PNGs for me, so I'm not changing every strip to a PNG in order to make it less obvious that I'm doing animations. Actually, I don't care. Take them apart if you want to, I'm just going to make them more fun for you.


What if I want to ask you a question?

I have four ways to answering questions- anton64x at derpymail dot org (email), you can message me privately on Smackjeeves (but you need an account), you can post a comment on the latest strip, or you can message me on Twitter at @antonukl. Fanart welcome, love letters welcome, retro video games are very welcome. You can ask me a question and if I like it enough, I'll post it here and let you know.


Why did you even make Hor?

As I mentioned prior, I made Hor as a love letter to 12 oz mouse. I also have this way of thinking; let's see you do better. If I don't like something, I'm not going to bash it, mostly because I can't make something better. Maybe I might bring upon a bunch of ozmo clones (and none of us will be as good as ozmo), maybe I might get a bunch of love.

It's also sort of how 12 oz mouse became to be as well. You walk into a room, read a script, laugh about it, and say "this will cost $5 to make". So far, it has cost me less than $5. For my case, it was more of like "Does anybody love 12 oz mouse enough to recreate it? No? I'll be the first, then." Now, I've seen some half-decent fan animations and I'm impressed at this little fanbase.


I'm throwing money at my screen--

Don't. I can't take your money, or at least not yet.


Can you draw?

Surprisingly, yes. While the comic is made with Photoshop CS6E and a Wacom Capture tablet, I do most of my drawing in Manga Studio or on paper. The majority of the characters were drawn in Manga Studio and exported to Photoshop, which I preferred for its text tools. Which I will probably never use.


Will this ever become an animated series?

Ask the magic conch shell. "Maybe some day." Lo, the conch has spoken. Maybe. Some day. :))))))


How long does it take to do a strip?

It really depends on the complexity. There were three strips which I did without even changing the image (except for a bit of erasing) and they took me about 10 minutes each. Some other ones where I have to figure out a way to do an effect take about an hour. It's not long.


Are there any other projects you're planning to do?

I'm thinking of doing a 24 page mini-series based off Hor for the 24 hour comic day, which could either be in the normal strip style or in a page style. To be honest, I don't know right now, but nothing's set in stone. It's not my full-time job. If it was, there would be a lot more material.

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